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About Us

40 Yeas in Business, we are here to stay!

Established in 1983


In 1983 Heather and her family moved to Lacombe, Alberta. As a single mother she worked out of the basement in their duplex home making ribbons. This way she could spend more time wither her daughter and son (Dana and Darren). Ribbon season would start in May and end in early October. In the off-season Heather would work as a contracted painter.

As time wore on Pinz Plus bought out a small ribbon business from Calgary, acquiring new clientele and equipment. Shortly after Cosmos also went out of business allowing Pinz Plus to gather addition clients and ribbon equipment. Pinz Plus started outgrowing Heather's duplex basement. Luckily at this time "The Old Sears Building" in downtown Lacombe came up for rent. 

The Old Sears Building


In 1991 Pinz Plus moved the location of their ribbon business into the downtown Lacombe area. Shortly after moving locations another Calgary based ribbon provider closed their doors. This allowed Pinz Plus to gain even more clientele and equipment. At this point Pinz Plus had become more than a full time job.

Heather and her kids worked in Pinz Plus making ribbons and expanding into engraving, trophies and injection (molding plastic lapel pins). In 1994 "The Old Sears Building" went up for sale and Heather took the leap. She is now the proud owner of a building in historic downtown Lacombe, Alberta.

In 2017 "The Old Sears Building" celebrated it's 100th birthday. Pinz Plus has been in operation here for 27 years.

Inspired by our Community

Pinz Plus has thrived in the community of Lacombe and are grateful for the local support they receive. It is still a pleasure working with customers originating from 1983. Heather and her colleagues know the importance of great customer service, quality products and commitment to their customers. They strive to make every experience with Pinz Plus positive. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. They are very proud of their family ran business and look forward to growing every year.

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